Jen Psaki made a big mistake during her latest press briefing.


She said the “quiet part” out loud that you’re never supposed to mention.

Psaki told the world that Biden’s White House is now coordinating with Big Tech to remove vaccine posts they deem “problematic.”

It’s really ironic, that with all this focus on Cuba’s “freedom fighters,” who are trying to break free from tyrannical political control, while our own so-called “American government” is inflicting some of the most outlandish and tyrannical censorship on the American people.

What a bunch of hypocrites.


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Jen’s comments literally shocked and appalled the country.

And, to make matters even worse for the communist Dems, law experts say that what Jen said is actually a boon for Trump’s Big Tech lawsuit.

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Jen really flubbed up by letting the commie cat out of the bag…and it’s not that the left is mad that this level of censorship is happening – it’s that now WE know about it.

That’s what’s causing all the angst…and according to OANN reporter Jack Posobiec, his White House source is telling him that one person who’s rather upset about all of this is none other than “Doctor” Jill Biden…Joe’s #1 “Handler.”

Here’s what Jack said: “WH official says even Jill is upset with the way Psaki is handling the Facebook controversy ‘That’s how you know she’s on the way out'”


It sounds like the “Queen Bee” isn’t happy with Jen’s blunder, but it also sounds like perhaps Jen’s upcoming departure is more of a welcomed thing than they’re letting on.

It’s not really shocking, because if you watch the daily pressers you can see that Jen’s not into it. She’s only been doing this for about 6 months and she already looks like she’s been put through the wringer one thousand times over.


But is she sabotaging Biden on the way out the door? Or is she just a ding-a-ling? Or both?  Time will tell…

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