There’s a battle brewing on Capitol Hill and it’s over the new mask mandate that Nancy Pelosi enacted in the House.


For some reason not yet clear, vaccinated people are being told they have to wear masks again.

Word has it that the CDC will be announcing that Vaccinated people are transmitting the Delta variant.

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This is interesting since we don’t even have a “rapid Delta variant” test yet…so, not sure how they know all these people have that specific “variant.”

Does this mean the vaccine doesn’t work? Everything is very confusing right now.

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Meanwhile, the “science” on masks is still unclear as well..and many members of the House GOP want to know what “study” Pelosi is referring to, to implement her new mandate.

A mandate so strong, she’s directed her Capitol police buddies to arrest people who don’t comply.

Well, I just found someone who didn’t comply.


Jerry Nadler:

And now, GOP Reps are gathered en mass inside the Senate chamber for a protest.

They’re telling ol’ Nancy to take her mask mandate and shove it.

You can watch the video below:

Pelosi and the Dems will move quickly to enact these silly “mask mandates,” but they won’t lift a finger to close the border.

We have tens of thousands of illegal aliens are pouring over – are they all being tested? And what’s happening to the people who are sick?


Nobody knows what’s going on – but state officials are telling us untested people are being dumped into cities at a rapid rate.

That’s okay, but we need to wear a mask and show a vaccine passport to eat at Steak and Shake?

None of this makes any sense.


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