It’s amazing how our so-called “media” doesn’t want to question or investigate anything that might tarnish the progressive narrative.


And if someone dares to come along and ask questions or point out any discrepancies, they wither like a delicate little flower.

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That’s exactly what happened when conservative pundit Mary Kathrine Ham appeared on a CNN panel to discuss disgraced Dr. Fauci.

As you likely know by now, Fauci has taken a wild tumble from “grace” after his connection to the Wuhan lab and “Gain of Function” research was revealed by many on the left, namely, Dr. Rand Paul, who has been steamrolling Fauci with the fire of a thousand suns lately.

Since that time, the American public has perked up and started demanding answers from Fauci, who’s lost the trust of a large swath of the public, thanks to all his flip-flopping, politicization, and confusing messaging on the virus.

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But the left doesn’t want to hear any of that. All they want to do is sit around stroking their Fauci bobbleheads and lighting their St. Fauci candles.

It’s not about “facts” and truth to these charlatans, it’s about narrative and feelings.


You can clearly see that if you look at their depressed expressions as Mary Katherine Ham drops Fauci’s truth bomb after truth bomb all over their heads.

You can watch the video below:


The looks on these hacks’ faces just proves once again that our media is nothing more than government-run propaganda.


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