Texas Dems want you to think that they’re a persecuted bunch.


That’s right, the group of Karens that just flew on a private jet to some swanky DC hotel, all smiles, with cases of beer, want you to think that they’re downtrodden martyrs…modern-day “slaves” to the cause.

Tey fled Texas to avoid voting on an election integrity law that includes voter ID, something the vast majority of Americans want to be enacted.

Real heroes, right?

The group landed in the DC swamp, where they actually belong, and promptly got to work on their PR stunt – and I gotta hand it to them – they took it to a level of cringe I never thought was possible.

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Texas Dems gathered on the steps of Capitol Hill, to pat themselves on the back for flying in a private jet and slamming back beers.

And if that wasn’t stupid enough, they broke into an impromptu and very out-of-tune rendition of “We Shall Overcome.”


It’s so bad ad so cringy, I am actually laughing as I write this sentence…You’ve gotta listen to this nonsense.

You can watch the video below:


Good Lord, these people lack any and all self-awareness.


I’ll tell you what, if Republicans pulled this type of embarrassing stunt – singing like “slaves” on the steps of the Capitol, I’d bury my head in shame.

But, these idiots have no idea how foolish they look.

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