I don’t think we’ll ever get tired of seeing Trump’s rallies and the massive crowds that go with them.


Even though liberals like to theorize that these crowds are “fake,” we all know that’s a load of baloney.

Dems are also getting exceptionally angry over the rallies right now, because they hate seeing the comparison of Trump’s huge rallies, and Biden’s practically zero visible support.

Check this out:

A liberal named Ron took to Twitter to complain about Trump supporter’s posts after the rally. Heere’s what he said:

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“Once again, just like after every Trump rally, MAGA social media is filled with posts touting the crowd size with, “there’s no way he lost – compare this to Biden’s events.” They just can’t figure out that, during a pandemic, we aren’t going to assemble in crowds and costumes.”

But he was quickly “schooled” by a Trump supporter who said this (and included photos): “Wrong again, Ron. You guys will put on your goofy costumes and gather en masse during a pandemic …But for some “unknown” reason, you won’t do it for the “most popular politician in the universe.” Weird”

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And speaking of those rallies – we’ve all seen sweeping views of Trump’s massive crowds and this view that Dan Scavino just gave us of his Arizona Rally is just breathtaking.

Watch the video:


These are the kinds of views that you get at a rock concert, not a political rally.

But that’s the power of Trump folks, and you know that the media just absolutely loathes seeing him continue to fill up stadiums like this.

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