Last year this video made its rounds and plenty of people thought that half the stuff this Canadian guy was saying was absolute hogwash.

But here we are a year later, and his predictions surrounding COVID-19 are disturbingly accurate.

Like, “Nostradamus” type stuff…


He predicted the mask mandates, the vaccine, the ineffectiveness of the vaccine, and then eventually he states that this is all a plan by globalists to restructure our class systems and effectively eliminate the middle class.

Again, this was only a year ago – four months into COVID – and he predicted roughly 90% of what’s already happened.

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This is so spooky, and worth a watch again, if you’ve already seen it – and a must-watch, if you haven’t.

Watch the video:

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This guy is 100% spot on.

He sees the game the globalists are playing and he’s putting them right on blast.

Of course, the left still thinks this guy is nuts and many of them took to comment their drivel on this video:

“No its not ! I havent lost any of my rights and i am not a slave !
So he is still crazy!”

“it’s cool that he is 💯 independent and above the government….. not even the richest of the richest are free of the government; I guess he doesn’t pay taxes or have health insurance or anything as a matter of fact… Having nothing and paying nothing isn’t the true freedom?”

“Also…the part he missed was EVERYONE didn’t take the vaccine and because of that we now a variant. Missed that part genius!”

“Too much steroids, listen to professionals many have died.”


It’s crazy that these people still don’t get it…the leftists are like sheep.

When is it finally going to click for them?

Maybe when their precious vaccine turns on them and becomes an even larger political weapon then perhaps they’ll listen?

Nah, they’ll never listen.

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