Well, the honeymoon is probably over for the fake duo occupying the White House.


After a couple of horrific foreign policy trips – one that pretty much destroyed Kamala’s entire career it was so bad, and one that solidified to the world that Joe is has a raging case of Dementia, the two of them are both in really bad spots.

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But Kamala is taking the worst hits of all.

Even though Joe was practically drooling all over himself, the press still gushed and fawned all over him, while tearing Kamala to shreds.


As a matter of fact, CNN actually called her “cringeworthy.”

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And this is not sitting well with Kamala, and it looks like a war is starting to brew between Team Joe and Team Kamala.

It’s gotten so heated, that one insider says Kamala was “set up” by Biden to fail.

That’s according to a new report from Axios:

Vice President Kamala Harris’s stumbles during her first foreign trip have rekindled the debate from her presidential campaign about whether she — and not her staff — is to blame.

While Harris’ only overture toward running for president in 2024 has been a trip to New Hampshire in April, the vice president is in a prime position to cast herself as the best choice for Democrats should President Biden not seek a second term.

Such international trips and her leadership of the migration and jobs portfolios given to her by Biden will collectively let her showcase herself for the No. 1 slot in a future election.
The White House didn’t offer comment but aides noted that Harris has done numerous interviews without problems and the exchange during her trip last week came after repeated questions on the same topic.

One factor that led Harris to become the first major Democrat to exit the 2020 race — despite a massive announcement rally — was that she surrounded herself with a staff who didn’t always serve her well.

Now, as vice president, she has the latitude and stature to tap some of the country’s best talent to work on her team.

Her trip to Guatemala and Mexico still garnered a flurry of negative headlines.

Most prominently, Harris stumbled on an easily anticipated question about the border during an interview with NBC News anchor Lester Holt, growing defensive. Even follow-ups with other reporters didn’t go much better.

The vice president can be notoriously difficult to prep, multiple former aides told Axios.

The piece goes on to say that Harris also is in a tough spot managing two issues — immigration and voting rights, the latter of which she’s reported to have chosen herself — that have little upside and huge downside.

Such difficult assignments have historically fallen to a vice president, to keep the president in a positive light.

And while her office insists that Harris has been tasked with diplomacy toward the Northern Triangle countries in Central America and not the border crisis specifically, they’re having difficulty getting traction for that message within the public.

“If you give someone a sh***ty assignment because the president doesn’t want to do it himself, you can’t be mad when the treacherous situation looks treacherous,” said one former aide afterword of internal White House criticism toward Harris.



Well, it’s clear that the “swap,” if it’s still on the table is not something that’s going to happen anytime soon, because right now the media is working overtime to try and keep bumbling Joe in a positive light.

And in order to do that, they’re happily tossing Kamala under the bus.

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