Steve Bannon just gave some great insight into Biden’s polling numbers, which I think you’ll find informative.


First off, as you know, everything thing this shaky old buffoon touches turns into a complete disaster. I have never seen an administration in such complete disarray as this one here – it’s as if karma has a dark cloud of failure following this lying cheat around.

The border is a complete and total human rights disaster. Gas prices and inflation are soaring. Crime is off the charts in Dem-run cities. Marxist hate and disdain for America are on full and humiliating display at the Olympics, the economy is slow-moving sludge, and just as America is starting to get back to normal, Biden and his team of doom and gloomers are trying to trot out a new COVID “variant” to lock us all down again.

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Not to mention both he and Kamala had horrific foreign policy trips, and Biden literally looks and acts like a man with late-stage dementia.

Remember when his Handlers would tell us his blunders were a “childhood stutter”? Even they gave up on that laughable excuse and now everyone just ignores Joe’s “Alzheimer’s.”

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And all while this epic mess is going on, Biden’s approval numbers are still 675%.

Obviously, I am exaggerating, but you get the picture.

Well, Steve Bannon was speaking with Trump adviser Peter Navarro, and discussing just that – Biden’s approval numbers and he has some interesting insight.

We all know that most of the polls out there are heavily weighted to give Bumbling Joe a much higher approval than he actually has, but Bannon says that Biden’s numbers are sinking so quickly and so badly, that even the most outrageously “friendly” pollsters are showing massive drops.

Bannon also has a prediction about Joe’s polling numbers that I think you’ll like.

You can watch the video below:

Keep in mind, these numbers Bannon is throwing out are based on biased and weighted polls.


I think if you were to do a seriously HONEST poll that’s not weighted or doesn’t use deceptive questioning tactics, Biden would be in the low-to-mid-20s for his approval.

In all truthfulness, there’s nothing to “approve” of…It’s all been downhill, and it’s only going to get worse because no matter what they say, we as a country did not vote for a third Obama term.

We didn’t vote for it in 2016 and we sure as hell didn’t vote for it in 2020.

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