I don’t care who you are, even the top US military guy in the country, if you find yourself in Tucker’s crosshairs, you’re in trouble.


And Joints Chief General Mark Milley is finding that fact out the hard way.

This man is the most “woke” military person you’ve ever seen, and what’s really scary is that this is the guy who’s running the US military…He’s definitely got a “progressive communist vibe” going, that’s for sure.

Miley, who was grilled relentlessly by Matt Gaetz over his support of the Marxist “Critical Race Theory,” has exposed the left’s takeover of the military and placed all Americans on “code red’ to fight back and save it before it crumbles to complete and total dust.

NPR reported that the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, responded sharply to questions from Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., on Wednesday about the examination of critical race theory in the U.S. military.

“I’ve read Mao Zedong. I’ve read Karl Marx. I’ve read Lenin. That doesn’t make me a communist. So what is wrong with understanding — having some situational understanding about the country for which we are here to defend?” Milley said.

He continued brusquely: “And I personally find it offensive that we are accusing the United States military, our general officers, our commissioned, noncommissioned officers of being, quote, ‘woke’ or something else, because we’re studying some theories that are out there.”

And that’s where Tucker Carlson steps in.

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Tucker says that right now we’re watching the “death of the future” of our country.

And he’s correct.

The right has given up everything to the left. We’ve given up our churches – which are now more “woke” than ever, we’ve given up education, science, military, you name it.

We conservatives do not “conserve” anything for ourselves – we just sit back and make changes and concessions to everything we hold dear in order to appease the left – and in no time flat, our traditions are completely and totally unrecognizable.

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And that’s exactly what’s happening with the Military – and Tucker nails it here.


Must watch.

You can watch the video below:

I don’t know if it’s already too late to save the military or not.

The left was extremely smart in how they planned their takeover. They went at it from the top brass down…that’s the same thing they’re doing with law enforcement and state prosecutors as well.


And if we don’t wake up and actually start fighting for what’s ours, trust me, in no time, we’ll have nothing left to fight for.

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