Who’s running this country?


We know it’s not that senile old goof in the White House. He doesn’t even know how to string a sentence together without 7 medical cocktails under his belt.

Many people speculate it’s Obama…well, sure, we all know this is Obama’s “third miserable term.” As if the first two weren’t bad enough…but Obama is likely not involved in the day-to-day stuff, so who’s actually doing that?

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Is it Susan Rice? Maybe. But now, after a photo was released of Jill Biden sitting at the “president’s desk” supposedly “working” on Air Force One, many believe it’s actually her.

That comforting, right? Some dingy elderly laddy who nobody on earth elected (we didn’t elect her husband, either) is likely the person handling the ‘day-to-day’ stuff…As if this nightmare wasn’t bad enough.

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That photo of Jill sparked a lot of outrage with folks who don’t think it’s “cute” for a fake doctor to play fake president on the taxpayer’s dime.


But Tucker dove a tad bit deeper – he wants to know what’s in that binder Jill is reading.  Hmm. Good question.

Of course, Tucker used the rest of his time to shred “Doctor” Jill limb from limb, as only he can.

You’ll enjoy this one.

You can watch the video below:

The administration is a total sham.


While Kamala was making a mess of things in Guatemala, a fake president and his fake doctor wife were making a mockery of the United States for a cruddy PR photo.

That’s the current state of our Republic, and it sucks.

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