The Dems are in a boatload of trouble, and as long as we can keep the elections fair and free of cheating, most experts agree that the Republicans will likely take back the House and probably the Senate, too.


There have been a lot of signs of the coming backlash, even though there’s a lot of phony polls showing Biden has a 675% approval rating – things like special elections, and races, where GOP candidates are winning in traditional “blue” cities, are piling up and a lot of people say these are a sign of the coming times.

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And another one of those signs has just popped up.

According to the National Republican Congressional Committee, the Republicans have outraised the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee by a whopping $4 million dollars in May and they have a $6.1 million cash advantage overall.

The NRCC stated on Friday that it has $42.1 million cash on hand while the DCCC has $36 million.

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That’s amazing since Dems just supposedly won an election with the most popular political candidate of all time…you’d think they’d be raking in money hand over fist, right?

Daily Wire reported that NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer stated, “Americans are ready to do whatever is necessary to stop Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats’ socialist agenda. May’s record-breaking fundraising numbers are just the latest indication that House Republicans are primed to retake the majority.”

“Currently, the Democrats hold just a 219-211 lead in the House, a margin that would be 222-213 if the five currently vacant seats remain with the same party after they’ve been filled in special elections this year,” U.S. News and World Report noted, adding, “An analysis by Sabato’s Crystal Ball at the University of Virginia Center for Politics characterized 19 Democratic-held House seats as toss-ups for 2022, compared to just two held by Republicans.”


The party of the president usually loses seats in midterm elections; that was the case in 17 of the 19 midterm elections since World War II, the report notes. By average, the president’s party lost 27 seats.

Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt recently said that “The Brennan Center has found that the GOP will enjoy complete control of drawing new boundaries for 181 congressional districts, compared with a maximum of 74 for Democrats.


Again, that all sounds good, but we really need to make sure that there is no cheating in the 2022 election.

We don’t want to count our chickens before they hatch.

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