You’ve gotta love Senator Kennedy.

Out of all the GOP swamp creatures, he’s one who’s stayed consistently on the side of the American people and he’s often giving some of the best one-liners out of D.C.


While discussing Pelosi, Senator Kennedy really summed up Pelosi’s strange behavior in two simple words: Tide pods.

And honestly, he’s probably not far from the truth.

Check it out:

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Conservatives definitely love Kennedy and his blunt, honest statements, which are fairly similar to the ones Trump would drop all the time.

“Funniest think I heard all day . Surprised Catturd didn’t come up with this first .”

“This will never get old. 😂😂”

“every time he says the words, ‘Sean, with respect, …’ i know it’s going to be a gem of a statement…”

“Lifting the veil of wokeness and media propaganda…telling it like it is. Love it. Shouldn’t be so hard and shouldn’t be the exception.”

“He is the best, “Most of these politicians don’t have the sense that God gave a goose!”

“We stop everything we’re doing to listen to his zingers & man oh man, is he full of them. 🤣”


Kennedy definitely has that “Trump spirit” by being so hilariously blunt.

We seriously need more Republicans like him!

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