As we all know by now, the “honeymoon” period between Kamala and Joe has come to a bitter end.


It happened pretty quickly, thanks to the disastrous roll out of this sham admin.

From cruddy job’s reports to embarrassing blunders, a communist-China agenda, and a human rights disaster at the border, Joe Biden is a complete and total mess.

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Now, if you are actually gullible enough to believe the polls which claim he has a 765% approval rating, then you’re hopeless and I don’t know what to tell you.

But for the rest of us who can see what’s actually happening here, the Biden admin is a calamity.

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And it appears that Kamala Harris knows this – and she’s reportedly angry that she’s being thrown under the bus in order to help save Bumbling Joe.

I guess Kamala doesn’t realize she’s also a “calamity.”

That’s the story a lot of people are talking about lately – Kamala is mad that she’s bearing the brunt of this awful border situation, while Joe shuffles off scot-free to eat an ice cream cone.

And now, we’re hearing from OANN reporter Jack Posobiec, that it’s gotten so bad, that Team Kamala now has a brand new nickname for Team Joe – and it’s pretty darn brutal, but really spot-on.


Here’s what Jack said: “Team Kamala has started referred to Team Biden as ‘the Titanic’ in the White House”

Here are some of the comments from folks online:

“I guess she forgot she’s on the same ship”

“I don’t think Dems want her boat after flubbing so hard in both Central America and at the (almost) border.”

“She’s the iceberg.”

“Great let’s get them on the water soon.”

“And I suppose Team Kamala is the SS Californian? Lol”

“Since the Titanic went down it’s an apt reference for Kamala too”

“Bad comparison. At least the Titanic made it out of port before it hit the iceberg.”

“It’s like Game of Thrones. So much intrigue and backstabbing. Sadly sleepy Joe is unaware of what Jill and Ron are doing to keep themselves in power”

“My grandmother would say, that’s the pot calling the kettle black.”

“I suppose Team Kamala thinks they’re the lifeboat. God help us”

That last comment is a great point.

Kamala does not have high approvals with the American people – which shouldn’t be a shocker – since she was so unpopular that she had to drop out of the primaries early.

She has all the likability of a “Hillary Clinton.”


So, if Kamala thinks she’s there to “save the day,” she’s sorely mistaken and completely clueless.

In actuality, Joe is the Titanic and Kamala is the Hindenburg.

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