There are only so many times a company can crap all over their fan base, and customers, before they finally get so sick and tired of being disrespected that they tune out and walk away.


That’s what has been happening with “woke” major league sports in this country for quite some time.

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And the ratings have dropped, sales are down, and revenue all around is a heck of a lot lower – and it seems like these franchises just don’t care…they’re so hell-bent on getting woke and pushing liberal social issues and politics, that they can’t even see straight.

And they don’t care that they’re ignoring and disrespecting their fan base – because they think everyone will “come around” to their point of view.


The problem with this mentality is that many of the people who are pissed off with sports teams may already share those social views and values that they’re pushing…but they just don’t want to see it in their sports.

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Another large swath may not agree with these social issues and they too want this garbage removed from sports.


But again, these teams just can’t stop themselves. I’m sorry to report this, but the corporate “woke disease” is terminal.

And now, the NFL has gone so far over the woke cliff, that I honestly think this could be the last straw for a lot of people.


TMZ reported that The NFL is making it clear it stands firmly with the LGBTQ+ community … releasing a powerful video Monday that featured the message, “Football is gay.”
The clip, which is 30 seconds in length, added, “Football is lesbian. Football is beautiful. Football is queer. Football is life.”

The messages didn’t stop there … they even went on to say, “Football is transgender” and “Football is bisexual” — before the video ended with, “Football is for everyone.”
A league spokesperson confirmed to Outsports on Monday the video was a direct response to Las Vegas Raiders pass-rusher Carl Nassib announcing he’s gay last week.


The NFL has a massive woman-beating problem. Why on earth are they focusing on this left-wing pandering nonsense when they have a group of men who are beating, raping, and murdering women?


This is just absolute nonsense.

If you’re still watching this progressive indoctrination league, please, reconsider…there’s got to be something better to do on Sundays than support left-wing ideology.

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