Dr. Fauci went from “superstar” status to the bottom of the barrel in record time.


Those of us on the right have always known that Fauci was a fraud and we’ve also known about his ghoulish “gain of function” research for quite some time, mainly thanks to Fox News host Steve Hilton.

It’s only lately that the fake news media has caught on – or decided to report on it.

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Of course, all of this stuff has been sitting in plain sight for years, we just happen to have a media that isn’t interested in facts or truth. Our disgusting media onlyy exists solely to push Democrat talking points and takedown “Orange Man Bad.”

So, evil little worms like Fauci are allowed to continue doing their twisted bidding and are even turned into “heroes.”

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Thankfully, Fauci has now fallen from grace, but it took way too long.

Now, what do we do with him?


The Biden admin is determined not to fire Fauci, but that hasn’t stopped Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene, who thinks she’s come up with a brilliant plan to eliminate Fauci’s role.

It’s the “Fire Fauci Act” and MTG seeks to turn Dr. Fauci’s taxpayer-funded salary from the highest paid in the country to $0.00.

That’s about what he worth.

You can watch the video below:

We need to keep up the pressure on Fauci and the Biden admin, and things like this, which will obviously not pass, are good weapons in the court of public opinion and keep the information flowing.


The more focus on him, the more likely it is that Fauci will be “forced” to retire.

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