It’s hard to believe that a duo like Kamala and Joe, who are so ungodly unpopular, got 82 million legal votes.


Of course, the fake polls will tell you that Joe has a 767% approval rating – do you really believe this nonsense? Nobody with any sense does.

Kamala on the other hand has horrible approvals because she has the “likeability” of Hillary Clinton.

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But I’m talking about “support-wise.”

Where are the supporters? Where are all the people watching their speeches online?

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Where are all the social media interactions?

You don’t see any of this.


If you just won the biggest and most historic election in the history of the nation with an unheard of “80++ million votes” you will SEE/FEEL that energy in the country.

That’s just human behavior, and you can’t control or contain that kind of movement…but we see none of that…anywhere.

It’s nowhere to be found.

But I will tell you what we do see…we see a lot of “Pro-Trump” activity, momentum, and excitement…

and Kamala keeps seeing it, too.

She definitely saw it in Guatemala, with people holding pro-Trump flags and “Trump Won” banners…and Kamala just experienced that scene – only bigger – during her trip to South Carolina.

You can watch the video below:

There is no doubt whatsoever that Kamala saw all the banners and heard the shouts from both sides of the street.

It was a big crowd.

Yet, even so, there were no “Kamala supporters?”

Shouldn’t those people outnumber the Trump supporters?


After all, 82 million votes, right?

Give me a break. 

The world knows what happened during 2020, and I hope Kamala is starting to understand that everyone back home does as well…

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