Well, Kamala flunked her first test with flying colors…


Kamala was tasked with handling the border – and she’s made a huge mess of things by refusing to actually go to the border.

As of right now, there are approximately 20,000 kids in cages at Joe and Kamala’s border facilities.

Remember how liberals howled at the moon over this very topic when Trump was in office?

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And while all that’s going on, Kamala is traipsing around the globe trying to find the “root cause” of migration…which she’s now convinced is “climate change.”


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Maybe the “root cause” is all the freebies that Dems like Kamala and Joe are promising them?

They’re offering them free healthcare and other goodies, why wouldn’t they come?


When Kamala was in Guatemala, the president of that country literally blamed Joe Biden for the border mess, while Kamala was telling all of us it’s the “weather.”


If that wasn’t bad enough, things got even worse when Kamala sat down for a one-on-0ne with ABC’s Lester Holt.


Lester asked Kamala about going to the border, and a defensive, snippy, totally unlikeable Kamala botched the questin so bad that it will likely go down in “bad political history” as one of the worst flubs ever.

It was her “defining” moment…and boy, was it bad.


That interview was an absolute mess, and according to TDS loon John Harwood, the White House is not only “confused” by how Kamala botched Lester’s questions, they’re also very unhappy about it, as well.

Ouch. Sounds like the Handlers are in a tizzy.

You can watch the video below:

It really shouldn’t be a shock that Kamala failed…This is the same woman who had to drop out of the primary because nobody liked her.

Kamala was so bad, as a matter of fact, that she was actually losing to that goofball Andrew Yang in the Dem primary.

Now that takes skills.


It’s clear that nobody in the Biden admin is ready for “prime-time,” but the fact that their “heiress” can’t even properly answer a simple question has to have the Handler’s pulling their hair out.

How can they pass the baton from an Alzheimer’s patient to a nasty, unlikeable shrew?

The walls are caving in on the Biden show and we’re only about 140 days in…buckle up, things are going to get really interesting, folks.

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