Well, mark this day on your calendar, because for the first time ever, Justin Trudeau is probably right about something…


As you likely know by now, the G7 Summit has been a complete disaster for Joe Biden.

He’s been caught aimlessly wandering around a cafe and had to be “rescued” by Jill (all caught on video), and he’s made a string of ghastly blunders, and is confused and dazed at every turn.

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Clearly, all of these meetings are too much for “Dementia Joe,” and he’s not wearing too well at all.

And he’s making a complete mockery of the United States on the world stage in the process.

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As a matter of fact, things are so bad for Biden, that OANN is reporting that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was reportedly overheard talking to his staff, stating that Kamala Harris will be “president” by the end of 2022.


But is he wrong?


Here’s what OANN’s reporter Jack Posobeic said:

“Trudeau overheard telling staffers he expects Kamala Harris to be President by the end of 2022 per WH official attending G7

The problem the Handlers will have now is that Kamala is almost as bumbling and incompetent as Joe.

In addition, her popularity among Americans is at the bottom of the barrel.


This is what happens when you use a virus to flood the US with mail-in ballots.

You reap what you sow, and the Dems chickens are definitely coming home to roost.

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