Joe Biden loves to run around calling Trump supporters “racist.”


Biden claims one of the biggest dangers facing our county is “white supremacy.”

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Meanwhile, Biden’s cracked son Hunter is calling his rich white lawyer the N-word and calling Asians “yellow people,” and Biden thinks black people are so stupid they can’t use the internet.

But it’s me and you who are the “racist” ones.

Okay, Joe…

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Well, Biden has once again shown his true colors.


This time, Biden insulted every Hispanic in the country, by suggesting they’re afraid to get vaccinated because they think they’ll be deported.

So, according to Biden, all “Lantix” people are here illegally?

By the way, Hispanics HATE being called “Latinx.”

You can watch the video below:

Here are some of the comments from people online:

“Can someone tell me how it’s not considered racist by today’s standards when he implies that all Latino people are illegal aliens? Also, what is this latinx garbage, which no person of that heritage I ever met, uses to describe themselves.”

“Why does he assume all Latinos are illegal aliens?”

“As a Hispanic person, I  would really rather be called a Panchito or beaner before being called latinx…it’s insulting” 

“Casual racism from the President.”

“Can we just have a President where we don’t cringe from the things they say? Is that asking too much?”

“Us Latinos don’t refer to ourselves with an American made word. This is bizarre.”

“Lateenex???? I’m Mexican and literally no one uses that. Sounds like Latin American tissue.”

“Don’t Latino people say they’d rather be called literal slurs than be called “Latinx?””

“A small piece of me cringes every time someone calls us LatinX.”

“Stop calling me Latinx.”

“There was a period that public speaking required a modicum of preparation. Now, it’s like someone hands over vetted remarks, and the speaker skims a second and proclaims, “I got this.” Some can’t help it while others can’t be helped. Not sure where Biden is. Not sure he knows.”

Joe Biden is a racist old rich and privileged white liberal man.


And like most liberals, he’s so self-centered and full of his own virtue, that he doesn’t even realize how evil and bigoted he really is…but we do…

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