I saw this video clip on Noor Bin Ladin’s Twitter timeline and wanted to share it with you.


She tweeted it out with a question that everyone should be asking: “Who are these men inside the Capitol, handing these other men baseball bats through the window? Answer: NOT Trump supporters”

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The clip is short – it’s only 28 seconds, but it packs a punch and adds yet another layer of mystery surrounding what really went down at the Capitol on January 6th.

As you likely know by now, revolver.news and Tucker Carlson theorize that the FBI may have had a hand in whipping up a frenzy on the 6th.  The reason why is because of the number of co-conspirators who have not been charged. Could those people be feds or fed informants? of course they could…Given the current state of our disgraced FBI, it’s a perfectly legitimate question to ask.


And it’s a simple question that has caused the media and the left to go into “meltdown mode,” which makes you think that Revolver and Tucker are actually onto something.

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Now, as the “FBI” story and information get out, more and more videos are surfacing that appear to support some “nefarious” type shenanigans at the Capitol…and that brings us back to the clip that Noor shared.

It’s a video of a man inside the Capitol, who is “feeding” baseball bats to other men who are inside.

Who is this man, and how did he get baseball bats onto the property without being stopped by police? Where’s the video of him and others dragging baseball bats over and why can’t we see it?

You can watch the video below:

Do these look like typical MAGA supporters to you?

Or do these look like Antifa, or perhaps some other “group” who are purposely trying to create mayhem inside the building?


The FBI has this man’s face on camera – so, who is he, and what’s his background and why don’t we already know this?

These are the things we need to find the answers to, if we have any hopes of getting to the truth about January 6th.

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