While Joe Biden is being lugged around the country, babbling on about “white supremacy” his son is calling his white, filthy rich lawyer the N-word in text messages.


I mean, you can’t even make this kind of shameless buffoonery up, can you?

Aussie News reported that Joe Biden’s son repeatedly used the n-word in a series of bizarre, lewd conversations with his white lawyer, according to newly published text messages.

The messages between Hunter Biden and corporate lawyer George Mesires, sent in late 2018 and early 2019, were obtained from Hunter’s abandoned laptop and published by The Daily Mail this week.

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In one exchange in December 2018, Hunter asked the $1090-per-hour lawyer how much money he owed him, adding “because n**** you better not be charging me Hennessy rates”.

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“That made me snarf my coffee,” Mr. Mesires replied.

“I just made that phrase up by the way,” Hunter continued. “I should have (had) your lineage.”

Mr. Mesires said, “Apparently you do.”

Hunter wrote back, “That’s what I’m saying n****”


“Hennessy rates” is a very derogatory term to use about black people.

Hunter is a real slime ball and he’s facing tremendous backlash for what he said.

Here are just some of the comments about Hunter’s use of the N-word.

“If Hunter Biden was @DonaldJTrumpJr, we’d been enduring wall-to-wall coverage on every major media outlet on why the First Son finds it appropriate to so flippantly use the N-word. But instead, not a whisper to be heard.”

“Turns out when Joe Biden was telling us what a racist country America is, he had someone very near & dear in mind.”

“In regards to Hunter Biden, just remember the apple does not fall far from the tree.”

“Donald Trump Jr. would be in GITMO if he had said or done 1/1000th of the things that Hunter Biden has.”

“Who gave Hunter Biden his n-word pass?”

“The ease and comfort with which Hunter Biden casually uses the N-word strongly indicates he heard it at home growing up. Racism is a learned behavior.”

“Has Brian Stelter weighed in on the Hunter Biden texts? I know it isn’t as newsworthy as Trump’s typos on Twitter. But still, kind of concerning–right Bri?”

“Weird how everyone who screamed about “racism” & “white supremacy” for the last 4 years are completely *silent* about member of the First Family Hunter Biden using the N-word multiple times along with racist stereotypes & memes. Isn’t this what you have been waiting for?”

“It turns out there really is systemic racism in America and it’s mostly Hunter Biden.”

“Notice Democrats (both black & white), the usual suspects who talk about “white supremacy” day in day out, are curiously silent about Hunter Biden using the ‘N’ word. *crickets Because it’s selective (usually fake) outrage”

“Morgan Wallen was canceled by country music for doing what Hunter Biden did. Kyle Larson was canceled by NASCAR for doing what Hunter Biden did. Mimi Groves was canceled by Tennessee cheerleading for doing what Hunter Biden did. Where’s the media consistency?”

“Hunter Biden is a racist bigot just like his father!”

“Hunter Biden is the actual dirtbag the media spent four years trying to claim Don Jr. was.”

And on and on these type of tweets and comments went.

It’s really interresting to watch the left’s reaction to this story.


They’re absud and deserpate responses are: “Hunter doesn’t work in the government,” and “Hunter is a private citizen,” and “Hunter didn’t use a hard R. He said “N***a.”

People are getting so sick and tired of the hypocrisy and double-standards and fake, feigned outage over so-called “white supremacy.”

Is the anything the left can be geniune about?

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