The media has spent the past 5 or so. years, twisting themselves into a pretzel in order to try and “destroy” President Trump.


The “walls” are always “closing in” on him.

Yet, the walls never actually do…

Why is that?

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Well, it’s because instead of reporting actual news, the media is a propaganda machine “spinning” stuff to fit their narrative.

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Once well-respected news organizations like WAPO and New York Times have turned into glorified blogs and tabloid hooey in an effort to try and take down Trump.

We’ve seen this nonsense over and over, from the Russia hoax to those goofy rape allegations to Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen and John Bolton and every other ridiculous “bombshell” that came slithering down the pike.

And one of their latest fake news “spin jobs” is the story that President Trump was about to be “indicted” for tax fraud.

Now, truthfully, this one was the easiest fake news stories to spot…as you likely know by now, it was just announced that no charges would be brought against President Trump.

Of course not, and the media knew this all along, but they kept pushing the fake story that he would be charged and whipped their brain-dead followers into yet another pointless frenzy.

Fox News lawyer and legal analyst Gregg Jarrett masterfully explained exactly how the media pulled off this latest lie.


Bizpacreview reported that attorney and Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett ripped the media on Monday for insinuating that New York prosecutors were never close to indicting former President Donald Trump on tax-related charges, saying anyone who relies on biased reporting is “twice the fool.”

In an interview with network primetime host Sean Hannity, Jarrett pushed back on such media claims by noting that Trump the billionaire real estate and business mogul doesn’t do his own taxes and relies instead on professionals to handle such matters, and as such, he was never going to be charged with intent to defraud the government.

“So much for all the breathless reporting that Donald Trump would be criminally charged and wearing an orange jumpsuit, peering behind steel bars,” Jarrett told Hannity.

“Reporters who relied on a notorious liar like Michael Cohen and his prediction of Trump’s imprisonment now look like the chumps that they are,” he continued, referencing Trump’s former personal lawyer who has since been convicted in December 2018 of lying to Congress and campaign finance violations and sentenced to three years in prison.

“It was always a fool’s errand to try to go after somebody like Trump for tax and real estate fraud because he doesn’t fill out his taxes, he doesn’t fill out loan applications,” said Jarrett.


“He relies on the expertise, the counsel and advice of a team of professionals like lawyers and CPAs and tax accountants and real estate experts. It’s exceedingly difficult for the government to prove the intent necessary for fraud if you are relying on the expertise of professionals,” the legal analyst continued.

“So here we have years of an intrusive investigation of Donald Trump. And all you’ve got, to use Fischetti’s term, is ‘pretty small stuff,’” Jarrett added, quoting Trump’s personal attorney, Ronald Fischetti, a 30-year personal friend of the Fox News analyst who said last week that Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance’s office wasn’t looking to charge the former president with any crimes.

“So the lesson is twofold. One, if you rely on a notorious con artist, crook, and liar like Michael Cohen, you’re a fool,” said Jarrett. “And if you rely on the media for truth and accuracy about Donald Trump, you’re twice the fool.”

The propaganda media will use every trick in their playbook to try and stop President Trump and the reason why is that 2024 scares the heck out of them.

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