You’ve probably heard it said a lot lately…There’s a “backlash” coming…


Many political pundits have been saying this – people like Newt Gingrich, Trey Gowdy, and even the even-keeled Brit Hume.

I don’t care how many fake polls, or puff news stories they put out on Joe Biden, Americans are angry, and they know what really went on in 2020.

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You can’t mess with an American person’s vote and then expect it to just go away.

You can’t mess with the middle-class and destroy people’s livelihoods over a virus with a 99.8 survival rate and expect people to sit back and take it.

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Americans are angry – we didn’t want to go back to the Obama years – if we had, we would’ve elected Hillary – so, the first chance we get, we will deliver a political backlash – the same way we did the first time Obama was in the White House when the Tea Party demolished him.


And the first signs of that happening are already rearing its beautiful head…

Something big just happened in McCallen, Texas – something nobody expected to see, and a lot of people are pointing at this as proof that there’s a Red Backlash coming that will knock the Dems on their commie butts.

History was made –

“BORDER TOWN, McAllen, Texas, that’s 85% Hispanic, has just flipped its mayor from Democrat to Republican!”

Folks, this is huge…As Biden works feverishly to undo all the work President Trump did at the border, the American people, including those who Dems are counting on for votes and looking for real leadership, and voting Republican.

Look at these numbers:

Looks like a lot of buyer’s remorse for Biden, if you ask me.

Here are some of the comments from folks:

“Support for dems halved from Hillary to Biden, wow!”

“Bellwether for 2022.”

“might be a small mayor race, but I’d bet 82-million votes that it actually means something” 

“Dems can brush this off all they want, and call it a “meaningless race” but it’s not. Little things like this are a hint at what’s coming.” 

“There’s a red wave coming, and this little race is just a small peek at what’s coming in 2022” 

“it’s funny, when something like this happens in an R city, D’s are screaming from the rooftops, but when it happens in a D city, suddenly stuff like this is meaningless lol it matters and they know it.” 

“a hint of whats to come” 

“immigration is a much bigger issue than Biden or his puppet masters realize” 

“The only people who want to flood our country with illegals are rich elites who live in gated mansions thousands of miles from the border” 

“Trump’s policies worked. Biden’s don’t. More of this to come.” 


I agree with these comments. Might be a small mayors race, but it sends a big, bold message.

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