The G-7 Summit is happening now.


Bumbling Joe and his nursemaid wife Jill traveled overseas to be a part of the communist free-for-all.

Besides the fact that Jill and Joe have embarrassed America with their awkward and incompetent “leadership” during the trip, it appears that the entire point of this Summit is to pump out PR photos that keep the COVID fear porn going strong.

MORE NEWS: Jill and Joe Embarrass The United States During First Overseas Trip

That’s what people noticed when they saw the official G-7 photo that was just released.

Take a look at the photo:


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Here are some of the comments from folks who noticed the COVID fear peddling by the globalist leaders.

“Seven fully vaccinated people outdoors on a beach spread out like it’s 6/2020. That’s science!”

“You can’t tell me this ain’t some Hunger Games shit…” 

“communist dirtbags” 

“Why are they all fully vaccinated, but standing so far apart like that?” 

“It’s like they just can’t stop promoting Covid fear.” 

“if they’re all vaccinated why are they social distancing? I don’t get this messaging. It makes no sense.” 

“Justin Trudeau forgot his blackface” 

“This looks like a group of straight up ghouls” 

“Lots of diversity lol if justin had on his blackface it would’ve helped” 

“It’s like the globalists can’t quit the COVID fear stuff, no matter what…very telling, isn’t it?”

“the message I see here is: don’t bother getting the vaccine because you still have to social distance” 

These globalists jsst can quit the pandemic can they?

Of course they can’t, because without COVID fear they can’t complete the “Globalist Reset” that they’re currently trying to install…a massive transfer of wealth from the people to the globalist corporations and complete and total control over the peasants.


Once COVID ends, all of that ends too, so they’re trying to keep it at the forefront of everyone’s mind while they dig their claws in even deeper.

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