As you likely know by now, GOP conventions are going on in many states. President Trump just spoke at the North Carolina GOP Convention on Saturday.


Well, something awesome took place at the Georgia GOP convention that I know you’ll love.

Traitor and RINO Brian Kemp, who allowed the entire Georgia 2020 race to be stolen away, was booed off the stage…and even better, Pro-Trump Vernon Jones, who recently switched from Democrat to Republican, received a standing ovation.

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That’s how it should be…every single RINO should be treated exactly like this until they’re voted out of office.


From Mitt Romney to Adam Kinzinger to Liz Cheney and this useless blob Brian Kemp…all of these losers should be shamed and shunned at every single turn, with no exceptions.

Axios reported that Gov. Brian Kemp (R) was booed at the Georgia GOP convention, where a resolution was passed to censure Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger for ignoring former President Trump’s pressure to overturn the state’s 2020 election results.

Axios says that this action matters because it shows the grip Trump has on the Republican Party in the state…of course he does…He didn’t lose the election, and everyone knows it.

They go on to say that this pattern reflects a similar pattern nationally…

The piece also goes on to say that GA secretary of State Raffensperger was censured for a “dereliction of his constitutional duty” over the presidential election, according to the resolution obtained by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.



The media and Dems can push this “false allegations of voter fraud” nonsense all they want…it’s no different than when they pushed all the fake Russia lies and Fauci and China’s BS. All they do is push a political talking point, not actual facts or truth and we all know it.

We the people have a mind of our own and we know what happened and that’s why these traitorous “Republicans” are being booed off the stage.


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