There is a video floating around of Joe Biden in England, seemingly lost, in what appears to be a “cafe.”


He is asked a question, by what most assumed what a reporter, at the time, about how his meeting were going. Biden, who again, seemed dazed and confused, had to ask the person to repeat themselves and then shuffled off, and was quickly grabbed by a “handler” who I first thought was a handler, but now, it turns out that it was Jill. It was hard to tell at first who it was, but here’s what reported:

US President Joe Biden was seen wandering around a cafe in Cornwall, England, before his wife stepped in and led him away. Conservatives, who have long questioned Biden’s mental acuity, called the video “painful to watch.”

Video footage posted online on Friday, but largely ignored by the mainstream media, shows Biden wandering slowly onto a cafe terrace. Someone on the terrace, most likely an ITV journalist, asks “How are your meetings going in Cornwall?” Biden then freezes, flashes a thumbs-up, and replies “Very good.”

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I saw the footage yesterday, and I thought perhaps Biden was at a casual G-7 event, or with family at a restaurant. It was hard to tell what was actually going on, but it was clear that Biden was out of sorts and seemed totally lost.

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A huge Russian TV account on social media is reporting that they have the “real” scoop on what happened with Biden, his “lost look” and that so-called “handler” who “rescued” him, and it’s a doozy.

Here’s the video that they posted, and this is the translation: “Joe Biden got lost. The President of the United States accidentally wandered into an ordinary cafe at the G7 summit. An assistant helped him to get out under the general laughter.”


This account is “verified” on Twitter, and has 1.8 million followers.

Russsian TV is claiming that Biden was so confused, and so out of it, that he basically “stumbled” into some “average” cafe, and had to be rescued by Jill Biden.

Does that mean the woman who asked the question to Biden was just some average patron of the cafe, who filmed the event? That’s what it sounds like now.

This appears to look worse than any of us had ever dreamed possible.


If this is true – and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was, given everything we’ve seen from Joe, he’s a bumbling mess half the time – then God help the USA…we are in for a lot of serious strife, as the world literally laughs at us.


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