If you haven’t seen the ghastly 26-second presser from hell, you are lucky.


It’s really bad, and a really sad, and embarrassing day for all of America.

Biden, who’s had a disastrous G7 Summit, with blunders, confusion, and aimless wandering around, was placed on a plane and shipped off to Belgium, where he will meet with Russian President Putin.

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] Biden’s “Presser” Turns Into 25-Seconds of Complete and Total Humiliation

Biden’s Handlers set up a “presser” where we were told he’d take questions in an “unprecedented” fashion.

That was hardly the case, although the presser was “unprecedented” but for all the wrong reasons.

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Biden was almost 3 hours late for the event, and when he finally showed up, he looked and sounded like he had napping before he took the stage.

Joe had a list of pre-approved “reporters” that he was allowed to call upon – and obviously, they had pre-approved questions…even so, it didn’t long for things to go sailing off the rails.


When one reporter asked Biden if he still believed Putin was a “killer” (something Biden said a couple of months ago), Biden didn’t know what to say. But it wasn’t just “searching for the words” or stumbling over himself (well, yes, it was all of that as well, but more)…the most awkward moment came when Biden went dead-silent and completely checked out for about 8-10 seconds.

That entire moment was one of the most horrific 26-seconds of any politician’s career. A total and complete unmitigated diaster – and it all unfolded on the world’s stage.

Well, one independent journalist believes he figured out exactly what caused the malfunction – and after reading his tweet, I think he’s onto something.

Here’s what Jordan Schachtel said in a tweet:  Only three options here IMO: 1) Biden is hooked into an earpiece 2) Trying to remember what he was rehearsing earlier bc *his team knew this prearranged question was coming* 3) Random silence while his dementia brain froze for 8 seconds

You can also watch the video below:

I believe it was a combo of #1 and #3.

I think Biden does wear an earpiece.


I don’t think the Handlers trust him to “memorize” anything.

But, I think because he likely has Dementia, he can’t work the earpiece properly, and that’s why we saw that massive “dead silence.”

How about you? What do you think, #1, #2, or #3, or a combo?


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