Our media has really reached new levels of ridiculousness with their coverage of Biden’s performance at the G7 Summit.

According to them, Biden has had one of the most successful appearances in history, when in reality he’s been making some of his most epic slip-ups to date.


Like where he confused Syria with Libya and also this clip here where he took an unbelievable 25-seconds to answer a simple question on Putin.

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He’s just a complete disaster, but yet our media is continuing to fawn over Biden, using this pathetic conference as yet another quest for ratings and to push this nonsensical narrative that Biden is this “historically beloved strong leader.”

It’s absolutely nauseating and the press in Australia is brilliantly trolling the U.S. media for this absolutely pathetic display.

From BizPacReview

Sky News Australia aired a segment savagely mocking American media for fawning over President Joe Biden in comparison to how they treated former President Trump during his term. They called it “appalling to watch.”

The media outlet pointed out that the utter lack of self-awareness on the part of the media when it comes to Democrats versus Republicans is laughable and embarrassing. During Sky News’ “Kenny on Media” Friday, Australian anchors and commenters tore into America’s leftist media with abandon in regards to coverage of their “beloved” Biden at the G7 Summit.

Host Jack Houghton took special notice of CNN’s coverage of Biden in 2021 versus Trump’s in 2018. The differences in the presentation of the two leaders could not be more glaring. CNN claimed that then-President Trump opposed every world leader in attendance, while Biden got along with everyone and was the perfect leader of the free world, Houghton suggested.

Watch the video:


We have the absolute worst media…it’s nothing more than a propaganda spin machine for the Dems. They should be registered as a left-wing SuperPac.

And our media should never wonder why a majority of the American public has lost complete faith in them.

They’re a total worldwide laughing stock, and rightfully so.

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