Remember how bad Joe’s first press conference was, and everyone (except the fake media) was horrified about it for weeks?


Well, the G-7 summit is about 100X worse than that – and this is happening on the world stage, for everyone to see, so, the Handlers and the media can’t hide it.

The entire trip has been a complete disaster, from Joe accidentally wandering around a cafe and having to be “rescued” by Jill to brain-freezes to old-man shuffles and confusion with the press.

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At one point Biden was caught muttering that he would get in “trouble” for taking “extra questions” from the press.

This is a very common thing for Biden to say – that he will get in “trouble.”

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He’s supposedly the most powerful man in the world (I can hardly type that with a straight face), yet we’re to believe his low-level staffers will scold him for taking an extra question?


Well, yes, they probably would…because Joe is on a short leash. His handlers know that he can’t answer questions on the fly, so they forbid it.

But things have really taken an even more grisly turn for Bumbling Joe.

Now, he’s being actually laughed at by world leaders for his dementia-like confusion.

G-7 world leaders literally erupted in nervous laughter as Biden completely forgets that Boris Johnson already introduced the president of South Africa.

Biden, like a little impatient child, interrupts Boriss, about the South African President, and Boris treats Joe like the confused old granddad that he is.

It’s onee of the most embarrassing things you’ll see, in terms of US foreign policy.

Take a look at this clip.

And in this clip, Joe Biden confuses Libya and Syria not once, not twice, but a stunning THREE times.

He also looks utterly confused and is muttering away, while unable to get his train of thought going.

Just a complete and total diaster.


This trip to Europe was a complete disaster.


I can’t even begin to imagine what will happen when this senile buffoon meets up with Vladimir Putin.

Good lord, that will be a political bloodbath.

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