The G7 disaster continues for Bumbling Joe Biden.


Biden is now in Belgium, where he’s getting set to meet with Russian President Putin.

He set up a “press conference” to take questions from his little list of “approved” reporters.

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Of course, in puree Biden-style, he was 2.5 hours late to the presser, with no explanation why.

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Mainstream media “reporters” are now complaining about Biden and the lack of access that they’re receiving.

This tweet is from an MSNBC reporter named “Ashley.”

Here’s what she said: “Biden is abroad doing a big push on democracy v autocracy. BUT the U.S. press — a key part of any functioning democracy — has gotten less access than under previous administrations. And is now forced to resort to updates on from…the Turkish government Twitter account.”

Over 100 reporters waited for Biden to show up. But he only took 5 questions from “pre-approved” reporters.

And after what just happened during Biden’s staged presser, his fans in the press pool, and his Handers, probably wish they had just let him stay asleep.


If you’ll recall, a month or so back, Biden referred to Vladimir Putin as a “killer,” suggesting that the Russian President has “murdered” people.

Is that true? Who knows. But in terms of diplomacy, it was a dumb thing to say.

A reporter followed up ahead of their meeting and asked Biden if he still thinks Putin is a “killer.”

You’d think that’d be an easy question to answer, since it’s something Biden himself said, right?


His response is 25-seconds of pure, unadulterated humiliation…again, on the world stage for everyone to see.

You can watch the video below:

I don’t think Biden can ever top the unmitigated disaster that this G7 event has been for him.

Although, maybe I shouldn’t say that, because I never thought he could look worse than he did during his first US presser – remember that humdinger? And he’s proved us all wrong.


I can’t believe that this is the man who is supposedly in charge of the greatest and most powerful country in the world.

And just in case you’re wondering, nobody cared to watch Biden’s presser on the official WH Youtube page.

Take a look:

This is an absolute embarrassment, and once again, I don’t believe for a second that 82+ million people voted for this trainwreck.

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