You’d think the most beloved and popular “president” in the history of the universe would have tremendous support that we’d see everywhere. You’d think that a man who got a s0-called “82 million” votes would be beating his supporters off with a stick, right?


You’d think there would be lines of people on the side of the road greeting him every time he goes to a city, and hordes of supporters in concert and game crowds with signs and messages of adoring love and affection….you’d think that would happen, wouldn’t you?

Yes, it should happen…

Because that’s what occurs naturally when there’s a movement of mass people who come together with a common goal and a common purpose – it shows everywhere you look.

You see evidence of the love and support everywhere, just like you did with Obama and Trump.

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Yet, oddly enough, we don’t see that with Joe Biden – as a matter of fact, we see the exact opposite of that.

It’s almost as if this whole thing is staged and fake…

And the reason why many people say that is because of stuff like this…

A group of Yankee fans sent Bumblking Joe a very clod, and very clear message during last night’s game.


They dropped a giant banner that said “TRUMP WON.”

Ha. We love it, and we agree.

You can watch the video below:

The American people keep speaking over and over, loud and clear…


Are Joe and the Dems listening?

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