The heat has been turned up on Dr. Fauci, and now, people are beginning to ask a lot of very serious questions about Fauci’s role in “Gain of Function” research.


Many believe that this controversial research is what led to the creation of the COVID virus.

Rand Paul is now calling Fauci out on the “Gain of Function” research. Fauci denies he had any role in it, but a lot of evidence says otherwise.


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Fox News host Steve Hilton did a bombshell series that tied Fauci directly to Gain of Function research.

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The tables are slowly starting to turn on Fauci, and some very big names – the biggest in all of cable news – are now calling him out in ways that nobody ever thought possible.

Tucker Carlson recently went on the air and basically blamed Fauci for COVID-19.

Tucker said the word, that until now, nobody dared to say…


You can watch the video below:

What Tucker said is what many people have been thinking and whispering for quite some time now.

As red states begin to re-open and prove Fauci and his ilk completely wrong, Fauci is doubling down, seeming to do everything within his power to keep his virus and mandates/lockdowns going.

Why is that? For public health reasons? No. If that were true, red states that opened back up would be drowning in death and destruction right now.


Clearly, there’s another reason – maybe it’s financial, maybe it’s political. Maybe, it’s both?

At this point one thing is clear – the public has lost confidence in Dr. Fauci, and it’s time for him to step down.

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