It’s pretty apparent at this point that there are Dems, like Kamala Harris for example, who have no ideo how to pay tribute to Memorial Day.


Kamala really stepped in it when she put out a tweet where she actually called a holiday that honors our fallen service membors as a “long weekend.”

Check it out:

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What an inspiring leader right? And boy-oh-boy did she receive a boatload of flack for that.

Kamala’s not here to talk about American’s who have sacrificed their lives for this country, but instead is more concerned with who’s bringing potato salad to the barbeque.

It’s an absolute slap in the face to our service members.

Everyone on Twitter has been sure to remind Kamala what this weekend is all about, but Dan Scavino tweeted out a video that she should definitely be taking notes on.

This is how a real leader commemorates #MemorialDay…

I miss him. I miss this type of love and compassion.



This is how you honor our military, Kamala.

Not some half-hearted tweet where you fluff this off as just another mark on the calendar.

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