In case you didn’t know it, the progressives had gotten their meat-hooks into the US military and they’re trying to destroy it.


They’re doing the same thing to the military that they did to our nation’s schools, and many Christian churches.

They’re infiltrating it with their woke progressive agenda, and as usual, conservatives are scared and don’t know how to fight the left, and are afraid of being called “racist” so they give in, and before you know it, your kids are saying ‘pledge of allegiance to the gay pride flag.

That’s exactly what’s now happening to our once proud and patriotic military.

It’s being “wokified.”

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They no longer care about conflict or the enemy….this new “woke” military just wants to make sure that you don’t misgender anyone.

It’s more important to use the proper pronouns than it is to protect our country from adversaries.

This is exactly how you kill a country from the inside…and all of this is happening while we sit back and watch, not knowing what the hell to do to stop it.

In terms of the military we need to get educated on what they’re actually doing – we can’t fight something we know nothing about.


The man who is leading the charge in transforming the military and purging any “MAGA” patriots, is Bishop Garrison. He’s a radical communist nutjob, and Biden has placed him in charge of totally changing the military.

I highly recommend to you read this piece from Revolver. News. You will understand everything you need to know about Bishop and his plans for the military.

In the meantime, check out this video that compares Russian military recruitment ads to the new “woke” USA one.

You will be shocked.

Ted Cruz sure was dumbfounded by the short clip.

Here’s what Ted said about the comparison video: Holy crap. Perhaps a woke, emasculated military is not the best idea….

You can watch the video below:

If we lose the military – and that’s the direction we’re heading right now – we’ll have nothing left folks.


This is the hill worth fighting on, and we need to buckle down and call out this madness, but also light a fire under our elected officials to take this fight on.

The military has been there for us – it’s time that we return the favor.

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