Masks have become a “cult” for some people. It’s their “God.” They’re convinced that it’s the only thing keeping them safe from COVID, so they’ve developed this worshipy-like adoration for masks.


Honestly,  I am convinced that this is a new mental disorder.

I’m also convinced that liberals are the most susceptible people to cults and mental disorders – from TDS to climate change religion, and gender dysmorphia to worshiping all things “COVID,” these people seem really unstable and over-emotional.

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And this lady here is a perfect example of what I’m talking about.

The “science” tells us that COVID doesn’t impact kids. As a matter of fact, what science is telling us is that COVID impacts the elderly, people with pre-existing health issues, and obese folks….so why are we masking up kids?

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Well, one reason is that people like this woman treat COVID like a creepy religion.

She’s on a school board and is arguing for masks, and the entire time she’s angry-ranting, she’s gasping for breath, and looks as of she’s about to pass out from lack of oxygen.

If she gets this wat while sitting at a table, how does she think kids will feel running around a classroom or a playground?


You can watch the video below:

Why are we allowing this small minority of mentally ill people to tell us how to raise our kids?

We’re allowing these school board mentally ill “Karens” to destroy our kids, physically and mentally, by instilling irrational fear into them.


This virus has a 99.8 percent survival rate, people. We need to pull it together and stop behaving like lunatics. Common sense is all we need to battle this, but right now, we’re allowing emotion, fear, and politics to determine our future, and it’s not going to end well if we keep this up.

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