Rand Paul has pretty much been railing against Fauci since day one of the pandemic and now over a year in, he still isn’t letting up.


With every move and every statement that Fauci makes, Rand is there ready to pounce and he usually absolutely eviscerates Fauci at every turn.

Rand’s latest move against the corrupt health director really shows that he’s had enough of Fauci’s lies and is placing him in the hot seat to answer some big questions.

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He’s now calling for Fauci to testify under oath for his involvement with NIAID’s “gain of function” research in Wuhan, China.

From Breitbart

Fauci admitted the day before that the National Institutes of Health-funded the Chinese lab but “categorically” denied gain of function support.

Paul warned on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom” that the Wuhan lab is experimenting with the SARS virus, which he argued is “15 times more deadly than COVID-19.”

“I think Dr. Fauci should be made to testify under oath about the money that was given to the lab, and the good news is yesterday I passed an amendment on the Senate floor that says no more gain of function money can be sent to China,” Paul stated. “This is very important because this could happen again. I mean, they are experimenting with the SARS virus, which is 15 times more deadly than COVID-19. COVID-19 kills 1% — that’s been 3 million people, more than 3 million people. If SARS got out of the lab, that could be 50 million people. So, this is a very important task ahead of us. We have 11 labs in our country that do this kind of research.”

“The bottom line is he cannot investigate himself,” he added. “He was responsible for giving this money, so he has every incentive to cover it up and not reveal the truth about it because if the pandemic did come from the lab he would have great culpability in this, so he can’t be investigating this, nor can any of his people that he picks be investigating this. He needs to be excluded from the investigation.”

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We all owe a big thanks to Rand for putting the squeeze on Fauci.

Finally, we might actually get some answers on the origins of COVID-19 and Fauci’s potential involvement in it.

This could really be the start of something big and it’ll be interesting to see how Fauci responds to Rand’s request.

After all, if he has nothing to hide, then he should be more than willing to testify.

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