Well, now we know why Dems are so incredibly scared of Pressdnret Trump and his movement, thanks to post-election data.


The data shows where President Trump gained his bulk of support and that has the Dems shaking in their commie boots.

Let’s keep in mind that this data is likely not reflective of the actual gains – because ass we all know – the 2020 election was a sham. But this gives us a glimpse into why the Dems are so scared….and why they’re so desperate to silence Trump.

Bizpacreview reported that the Washington Examiner reported Tuesday that Trump’s voter share of women and people of color rose to 57.2 percent last fall, up from 54.8 percent in 2016, based on data from Catalist, a left-wing data analysis firm.


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Overall, Trump boosted his support across all racial demographics except for losing a little bit of ground with white men. Among non-white women, Trump gained 7 points; he gained 4 points with non-white men, one point with white women, and lost a point with white men, the data show.

But the biggest gains came from the Hispanic community – and that’s what has to have the Dems literally crapping themselves. This is their “new voting” base – a base they’re still trying to grow with their “open borders” party – and to see this guy come along and take a huge slice of the pie must’ve struck the fear of God into them.

The data shows that Trump gained 8 points with Hispanics – again, I am sure t was more than that – especially if you remove all the “illegals” who likely voted. But The Dems know the “real” number and that just shows why Dems want Trump’s entire movement crushed into dust.

Trump also scored a 3-point increase in black voter support, according to the data (again, I am sure it was more).

If President Trump was this lumbering buffoon, like the left makes him out to be, they wouldn’t care what he does.


But he’s not.

Tump is a force to be reckoned with and if allowed to go unchecked, he would have absolutely crippled the Dems even more and made it so that their entire party imploded.

On the flip side of this, the GOP is starting to realize – begrudgingly – that if they don’t embrace Trump they’re also done.

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