While the left is in absolute la-la land over the gasoline crisis in this country, patriots like Newt Gingrich have their eyes wide open and are ready to seek retribution.

The fact is that this is practically an act of war against our country as gas is literally impacts nearly every single person in America.


Of course, Biden doesn’t have the gonads to actually call these hackers out, but Newt does and he believes that they should face the death penalty for this.

Newt’s a fighter.

Check it out:

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Newt is 100% and it really makes you wonder why the Biden administration isn’t giving this issue the focus they should.

This entire situation is completely bizarre and Whitmer’s latest decision to shut down a major pipeline in her state amongst all of this is extremely strange as well.

From The Guardian

The state of Michigan has told a Canadian energy company it must shut down a controversial oil and gas pipeline by Wednesday amid growing fears that a spill would be catastrophic to the region, in a feud which threatens to strain relations between Canada and the United States.

The company’s refusal to comply with the order, and swift support from top Canadian officials, highlights the politicized nature of pipelines, which campaigners have used as a target in the fight against climate change.

For nearly 67 years, Enbridge has moved oil and natural gas from western Canada through Michigan and the Great Lakes to refineries in the province of Ontario.

But Michigan says that one section to the pipeline – Line 5 – is too risky to continue operating.


This, paired with the media’s crazy efforts to diminish this crisis is incredibly odd.

It’ll be interesting to see how the rest of this shakes out.

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