Like rats fleeing a sinking ship, Democrat rats are jumping overboard.


Rumors are swirling that a tsunami of Dem Reps will be tossing in the towel and retiring as we roll up to 2022.

PJ Media is reporting that Dems can’t escape the reality that unless Republicans shoot themselves in the foot, they are very likely going to take back control of the House in 2022.

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So there is going to be a wave of retirements as members who are in marginal districts seek opportunities in the private sector or run for higher office. That means perhaps a record number of open seats to contest and Republicans are licking their chops at the prospect.

“House Democrats are sprinting to the exits because they know their chances of retaining the majority grow dimmer by the day,” says National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Tom Emmer.

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We saw this same thing happen to the Republicans – but they all mass-retired for a different reason.


They did it to help the Dems take over the House so they could impeach President Trump.

The GOP establishment is a cancer. They are as much of an enemy as Dems are.

If the GOP hadn’t done that, Dems would have likely never taken the majority.

The piece goes on to say that Democratic moderates are already feeling the heat from the party’s Loony Tunes wing with threats of being primaried coming at them fast and furiously. Many of those moderates are in swing districts anyway — districts won by Donald Trump or where he lost by fewer than 10 points. And rather than commit political suicide and support the radical agenda of AOC and Bernie Sanders, they may head for the exits.

This is another reason that Dems are desperate to stack the SCOTUS and turn DC into a “state.”

They likely know what’s coming in 2022, and are scrambling to hold onto some semblance of power.


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