Hey, I am not a fan of Morning Dope, Joe Scarborough, but man-oh-man, I gotta tell ya, he really did a number on this Dem and the entire Dem Party, in what is arguably one of the most brutal interview clips you may ever see.

And the best part about this is the reason Joe had this breakdown, is because he and the left are scared to death over 2022 and beyond.

Look, they can’t win on their failed policies, so unless they whip up another pandemic, their goose is cooked.


Rep Sean Maloney is from New York, and this guy is as clueless and smug as you can get. He’s a typical swampy DC politician, just delivering the “talking points” that have been pre-written for him by the DNC, without even knowing or understanding what he’s reciting.

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And holy cow did Joe Scarborough call him and the Dems out on it…I mean, he let this guy have it with both barrels.

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Clearly, Joe knows the Dems lost in 2020. He just won’t admit it, but you can see it all over his twisted and scrunched-up face.

In this clip here, Joe’s having a meltdown over the “Defund the Police” nonsense that is coming up again, and he wants Rep Maloney to say “yes or no” if he supports that absurdity or not…and from that point, the entire interview tuns into a hellscape of fire and brimstone and Rep Maloney, along with the Dem party all got scorched.


You can watch the video below:


Besides the amazing butt-whooping that Joe gave the Dems, I want you to go back and watch it again, and at the end, look in the far-left corner of your screen, and watch the “hand” that you can see waving “stop” as Joe goes scorched earth. That’s gotta be Mika. Ha ha!

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