Mitt Romney went home to Utah and got a face-full of karma.


Romney appeared at the Utah GOP convention, and he was greeted with a lot of boos from the crowd.

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Following the heavy “boos” a few die-hard Romeny fans stood up and clapped for him, but it was clear that the majority of that crowd was not pleased with Romney and they let him know it.


Here are some of the comments:

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“Conservatives are tired of squishy republicans”

“Utah has a lot of establishment Republicans, but clearly from the initials boos they also have a lot of MAGA now too” 

“I expect a lot more of this in the coming months, for all those who were cozy with the best President ever just to get elected. We see you” 

“Mitt Romney sucks. He always has.”

“Rino Romney”

“I would boo him too.”

“It’s not just him. The whole party is full of rinos. And they have all the important positions too. We need to clean house. And Trump need to stop endorsing them for God sake”

“Notice most the ones clapping are female, smh”

“Well deserved”

“He shouldn’t even be allowed to speak.”

“Those clapping, are Democrats”

You can watch the video below:

This is the message that we need to send to all of these RINOs until their up for re-election, and then we need to move in with the force of a thousand suns and primary them.


We need to drain the GOP swamp before we can ever think of “draining” anything else.

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