In a recent interview, former First Lady Michelle Obama revealed the reasons why she always seems so depressed and unhappy.


First off, it appears that Michelle suffers from seasonal depression. She talked at length about how she hates the winter. I mean, she really, really hates the winter.

In fact, she said that she hopes to never experience winter again.

“I’ve been telling my daughters I’m moving toward retirement right now, picking projects and chasing summer,” she said. “Barack and I never want to experience winter again.

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Michelle then went on to lament over how dark and unhappy her quarantine experience was.

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This is not the first time she’s done this. She’s mentioned repeatedly how awful her quarantine was and how “sick” she was of her family.

Again, this woman always seems so dark and gloomy.

But now, we may know why.

Michelle then opened up about her mental health challenges and what she called “low-grade depression.”


“Depression is understandable during these times,” Michelle said, adding that this is something that is important to both recognize and talk about.

“I needed to acknowledge what I was going through, because a lot of times we feel like we have to cover that part of ourselves up, that we always have to rise above and look as if we’re not paddling hard underneath the water,” Michelle said.

Well, Michelle certainly didn’t “cover” it up a lot. She’s never had what you’d call a “bright/peppy” energy, and she seemed angry a lot.

Michelle’s revelation about her mental health also comes on the heels of her admitting that her marriage to Barack has been “rocky” at times and they actually had to get into marital therapy. Yikes.


Honestly, this sounds like a really miserable family with a lot of problems that they need to work through.

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