Well, folks, we have another message from Lou Dobbs, and this time it’s a video message and it’s great.

Sounds like Lou is poised to make a comeback…and the timing couldn’t be better – just as President Trump is rebooting his rallies.

Coinky dink? I think not…a big ol’ rebirth is coming, folks.

Where is he going? We don’t know yet, but during the message, he does say that our journey together is not over…of course not, Lou has too much to offer.


This is some of the best news that we’ve heard lately.

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What Fox News did to Lou Dobbs is reason enough to stop watching them. Think about this: Juan Williams still has a job at Fox News, but Lou Dobbs doesn’t. There’s something very wrong with that.

In the video, Lou takes a moment to thank everyone for all of their support for him over the past few months – making reference of course to the firing.

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And at the end is where he hints that there’s more to come…

You can watch the video below:


Lou has been a Trump loyalist and an America First champion, and he was one of the brave souls who had the courage to call out the 2020 election sham and the viewers appreciated that, and what did Fox News do to repay Lou and the viewers?

They silenced him.

In actuality, Fox is no better than Big Tech.

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