You won’t believe this story I am about to tell you. You’ll think it can’t be real. But it is and it involves Frank Luntz and Kevin McCarthy.


Let me set it up for you:

Frank Luntz is a fraud.

He’s also a Democrat – and as we learned from Hunter’s laptop, he’s in the pocket of the Biden family. He also works on behalf of Google.

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Luntz is not only a crappy pollster, he’s also a lobbyist. He lobby’s on behalf of some of Americans’ most monstrous corporations, like Google.

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Another example is how Luntz consulted for a company making Oxycodone, and through a series of his “focus groups” taught the company how to improve their “branding” by blaming middle-America for opioid addiction.

Nice. Thanks, Frank, you’re doing “God’s work.” 

Frank Luntz is the type of man who makes millions of dollars screwing over the American people, and his loyalty always lies with the liberals.

Not to mention, he’s a 100% “Never Trump” stooge.

Yet, even so, Frank Luntz has been “advising” the Republican Party.

That’s right – the Republican Party won’t listen to their voters, but they’ll listen to Frank “Dunce” Luntz.

But here is where things get really, really strange.


Frank Luntz has claimed on many occasions that he and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy are “very close friends.”

That’s disturbing enough, as is…

But as Tucker is about to explain to you — that’s not even the half of it.

They’re not just “friends.” According to Tucker, Kevin McCarthy and Frank Luntz are roommates.

That’s right – Kevin lives inside Frank Luntz’s apartment…and no, it’s not a rumor – it has been confirmed by McCarthy’s people.

Watch the video below:

Frank Luntz is one of the most unpopular people in the “MAGA” circle, and this will not fly…McCarthy has to go.


He was already on thin ice when it came to how he handled the Liz Cheney disaster, and now this?

There’s no path of “leadership” for McCarthy in the Republican Party anymore…he should have never been in power in the first place.  It’s time for him to go and it’s also time for Trump to cut ties with this saboteur and traitor.

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