Have you noticed that the American people all across the nation are sick and tired of Democrats and establishment Republicans?

Newsom is getting recalled. Whitmer will be recalled, Cuomo is a dirtbag who the entire country hates.


And remember when baseball season opened?  All the Dem governors and mayors who went to the “limited-seating” games got booed.

Speaking of booing – Mitt Romney was just booed in his home state of Utah, and not so long ago Nikki Haley’s name was booed at a GOP conference.

And now, the Dem Governor of Kentucky was booed at the Derby.

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Think about this –  it’s an odd way for the American people to treat a party that they supposedly love so much that they elected a man from it with a historic “82 million votes,” right?

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Yet, here we are.

Americans are rejecting everything “Democrat.” From liberal awards shows to “woke” sports and corporations.  But the number-one source of rejection are Dem politicians who push these lockdowns and mandates – and that’s what Kentucky’s governor has done.

And that’s likely why he was booed.




The American people should express their dissatisfaction so these politicians can actually see, hear and feel it.

But we need to do more.

We must remove these people from their posts. It’s our job to vote these failed leaders out of office and replace them with quality elected officials who will represent our interests.

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