I saw this comment online, where someone watched this video of Biden, and they felt like he was so thrown off-kilter – either from the press questions, or just his “brain” issues, that he nearly walked into the fireplace.

“The driveling fool looked like he was about to walk into the fireplace”


So, I decided to watch it, and I gotta say, I can see where that person was coming from. Biden makes the slow turn away from the fireplace, but heck, if he’d been looking down, he’d have probably gone straight in.

Joe is very, very shaky on his feet – you can actually see and feel his trepidation when he moves. He’s unsure of himself and looks as if he’s always afraid of toppling over. In this short moment, you can definitely get a sense that he was momentarily discombobulated but corrected himself – at least that’s how I saw it.

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But the real issue here isn’t the fireplace – it’s the fact that Biden refused to answer a very important question from the press….either he didn’t know what the reporter was talking about (likely) or he did know, and isn’t being transparent.

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Either way, it’s a mess.

The question is surrounding the Colonia Pipeline. Reports today indicated that the company paid a $5 million dollar ransom to hackers in order to get their gas lines back online. This obviously, is the worst idea ever – as now, everyone and their brother will be hacked until they pay up.

The reporter asked Biden if he was briefed on the ransom payment – and Biden responded with a “no comment,” and then walked into the fireplace.


Just kidding about that last party…sort of.

You can watch the video below:

Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the people who are actually in charge at the WH ordered or pressured Colonial Pipeline to pay the ransom because of all the pics and videos that were coming out showing high prices, and long gas lines, and people comparing Joe to “Jimmy Carter.”

Many states had to issue a “state of emergency” due to the gas shortage.

It was pretty brutal.


I mean, we all know Joe’s actual approval rating is probably somewhere around 18 percent, not the 765 million percent the media says it is, and right now he’s doing so badly, they probably can’t afford any more “disruptions.”

This would be a huge scandal and it’s something. the do-nothing GOP should look into.

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