The Dems have finally gotten to the point of no return.


They’re literally on the fringe now, and this is what happens when you allow the radicals in your party to run the show.

It starts out small, with just a few rumblings from the peanut crowd, and then slowly, over time those quiet voices get louder and louder, and before you know it, the crazy inmates are running the asylum.

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Just look at how they’re defending a literal terrorist organization Hamas.

Yep, that’s exactly where the Dems are at right now – and when I call them “communists” I am actually not joking. That’s precisely what they are…that’s how far the party has gone left these days. They’re now full-blown commies — and that brings us to Jen Psaki and what she said today or didn’t say, actually, about Israel, that really said it all.

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Jen said the quiet part, very loudly today about how much the left supports terrorism and won’t stand by our allies.

It was a bombshell moment.

It was a game-changer.



The scary thing for the Dems is that they can no longer hide who they are – it’s all out in the open. They’ve gone so far now, and the crazies are so in charge, that they can no longer relate to the American people.


It’s good news for our side because it just further alienates the Dems from middle America.


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