The mess in the Middle East is heating up – President Trump is forced out of the office and all hells breaks loose.


Israel and Hamas are warring right now. Hamas has been launching rockets into Jerusalem and has even killed innocent bystanders.

But it looks like the tables are turning now, and Israel has the upper hand.

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According to Breitbart, Israel has just unloaded a planeful of Karma on a lot of Hamas terrorists.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reported Thursday that it had conducted an airstrike on an intelligence headquarters used by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas in Gaza, killing “dozens” of other terrorist operatives who were inside the building.

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The Times of Israel reported:


The Israel Defense Forces says it just conducted an airstrike on a Hamas intelligence facility with dozens of terrorist operatives inside.

The military says the site served as the main command center for its surveillance network.

It is not immediately clear how many Hamas members are killed in the strike.
The Israel military released video of the apparent attack:

You can watch the videos below:

The IDF plans a ground invasion of Gaza to root out Hamas terrorists and weapons in the coming days. According to the Times of Israel, an IDF spokesman said: “We are gathering forces on the Gaza border, preparing them. They are studying the field and we will use them when we decide to. … The initiative is ours and time is on our side.”

Looks like Hamas is about to get turned into ash.


They had to expect this, so I am guessing they have a “plan B.” They’ll probably accelerate things and bring Iran into things.

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