Prince Harry really can’t stop sticking his foot in his mouth.


He recently caused quite a stir when he lashed out at his own family, particularly his father who he attacked for his parenting skills.

Daily Mail reports that today Prince Harry blasted his father Prince Charles’ parenting as he poured his heart out to a US mental health podcast and said he moved to California with his family to ‘break the cycle’ of ‘pain’ he suffered as a member of the Royal Family – and needed to ‘change that for my own kids’.

The Duke of Sussex also admitted he first wanted to quit The Firm in his ‘early 20s’ because of ‘what it did to my mum’ and revealed that his wife Meghan Markle had encouraged him to have therapy and had herself now concluded: ‘You don’t need to be a princess’.

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Also don’t forget that Harry called his entire family racist as well when he stood by and let Meghan Markle make unsubstantiated claims that the Royals disrespected their son Archie.

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And now Harry is ruffling even more feathers by attacking the 1st amendment by calling it “confusing” and “bonkers.”

From ZeroHedge

Prince Harry is still new to North America, and perhaps is still adjusting to some of its customs. For example, the First Amendment, which he dismissed as “bonkers” during a recent interview.

The comments inspired backlash online, with some critics calling for the young prince (who will almost certainly never be king) to “go back to England” in a series of hostile tweets.

During a Thursday appearance on Hollywood actor Dax Shepard’s “Armchair Expert” podcast, Prince Harry (who lives in California with wife Meghan Markle and his young son Archie after stepping down from his royal duties) declared: “I’ve got so much I want to say about the First Amendment. I still don’t understand it, but it is bonkers.”

He also lamented the “genetic pain” of growing up a royal, implying that he was “mistreated” by his family, the latest in an unceasing string of criticism that has sparked talk about Harry becoming estranged from the family (he renounced his royal duties before leaving England after his wife engaged in a controversial lawsuit against British tabloids).

Trust me, this latest nonsense from Harry has angered Americans, who are now telling him to go back to England:

“Hey, go home! We fought a war to get rid of Royals on our soil. No need to understand anything we do. Bye!!”

“If he has a problem with the constitution then he can go back to Britain.”

“You can always leave if you don’t like our constitution and please find a country where you don’t have to deal with those bonker rights”


They’re right. Go back to England if that’s that how you feel Harry.

This is literally the exact attitude that our Founding Fathers fought against during the Revolutionary War.

Pretty ironic that it’s coming from a “member” of the Royal Family, to boot.

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