There’s nobody that is slaying Chris Cuomo more than Fox News host Harris Faulkner.


Not so long ago, she called out Cuomo for his anti-white remarks, where he said the only way “white people” will start caring about “police brutality” is when white kids start getting killed.

What an idiot.

Chris Cuomo is a dangerous propaganda spreader – and his brother is the same way and a “serial killer,” to boot.

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Well, Chris is back at it, and Harris was there to kick his butt once again.

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So, what’s Chris up to now?

Well, he’s re-writing history to suit his agenda and cover for all the fake news and propaganda that he and his network pump out about COVID.

Now that it’s suddenly “okay” and “fashionable” to talk about China and its role in “unleashing” the COVID virus, Chris has a whole new, inaccurate spin on the story.

Chris Cuomo’s now falsely claiming that this lab leak theory is a “new notion.”

That couldn’t be farther from the truth.


Those of us on the right have been talking about it for around a year, thanks to President Trump.

As a matter of fact, Chris himself was talking about it back in 2020, and even called it the “story to watch.”

And that’s what Harris called him out on.

You can watch the video below:

This is what CNN does.

They know that their viewers are not the most “astute” bunch, so they can get away with changing the story and making it ft whatever they’re trying to push at the moment.


This is why CNN is 100 percent pure government propaganda.

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